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Red Coat Farm makes the most out of a 10 acre property in picturesque Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. Only 1 hour from Chicago, Red Coat Farm is made up of 3 barns, a sizable outdoor arena, and ample paddock and turn-out space. Moreover, staff is always present on site to look after the safety of the horses 24/7.

The main barn includes 66 stalls, a large indoor arena, 4 tack rooms, 2 wash stalls with hot and cold water, a fully heated club room and viewing area, and best of all – heated aisles during the winter and lovely breezes during the summer. Each stall is equipped with an automatic waterer, feed bucket, and a blanket bar. 

The School barn at the top of the hill has 19 stalls of its own. Also, with a heated indoor arena, Red Coat Farm sets its riders up for success by allowing school lessons to take place away from unnecessary traffic of the boarder lessons. This barn has a small clubroom and its own tack room.

The center barn consists of 7 more stalls, a tack room, and a wash rack. Among the 7 stalls are two extra large birthing stalls for mares and their foals. Several talented horses and ponies were foaled on the property, some which still reside on the farm and are distinguishing themselves more every year.  

For a tour of the facility, send us a request on our Contact Us page, email or call (847) 837-8000.